"The best decisions aren't made with your mind, but with your instincts." - Lionel Messi

The Golden Keys: the 3 Instinctive Skills Known & Used ONLY and by ALL the Greatest Players.
  • These are the True Fundamental Skills of The Game, affecting all the other skills.
  • We Are ALL Born With These Instinctive Skills.
  • Learn How to Unlock the Great Player Inside of You.
These 3 Key Skills are NOT included in Soccer Courses Anywhere Else, 100% Money-Back Guaranteed!
Soccer Training Offered

Dr. A. W. (Fred) Lucas, Jr. - Soccer Background

Player and Soccer Coach for ages 2 to over-30, including High School and  College teams, in the USA for over 40 years. Also a USSF Referee and Referee Instructor for 23 of those years, including training for the 1994 World Cup. Played club ball in Germany for two summers during college, attended the USA national coaching school (1993), and studied the German National Team's training techniques at Ruit Sportschule, Stuttgart, while that team won the 1974 World Cup in Germany. Also founded and was first president of the Chemung County Soccer League (later renamed Chemung Valley Soccer Association), guiding that league from 0-850 players in 5 years. In 1995 consulted for the US Women's National Team (see documentation on next website screen below).

The last RDYSL travel team coached (Pittsford Hawks Soccer Club, team Herons) progressed from the bottom of the 3rd division to the top of the 1st division in 4 years, thereafter finishing 2nd place in the Syracuse Premier tournament the following February (see trophies further in website). At that point, 8 of 32 players on the Junior Rhinos u-12 teams (the only local Premier Club at that time) were from that Herons team.


I am a Doctor of Chiropractic (retired), with certification in Physical Therapy techniques through The McKenzie Institute, specializing in Work and Sports related injuries for 33 years of practice. I have never had a serious or chronic injury to any player on the teams I have coached.

A. W. Lucas, Jr., DC, Cert MDT

US Women's National Team (USWNT) Consultation

This is a copy of the handwritten postcard from Tony DiCicco, the USWNT Coach, asking permission to use documentation I had sent to him. They had just placed 3rd in the 2nd Women's World Cup (1995). I noticed no teams in that competition, including the USWNT, were using Shielding and Drawing the Foul effectively, and sent him documents relative to those skills.

Shielding is the 2nd of the Golden Key skills. Drawing the Foul is a subset of that 2nd Key skill. Those skills made a very big and noticeable difference in the USWNT style of play, easily seen in game films. Their winning record from that point of time is well documented.

The rest of the world's Women's teams have finally caught on to these 2nd Key skills, as seen in the 2021 Olympic games, and more recently in the 2023 World Cup games. As a consequence, the USWNT is facing much tougher competition now and into the future.

These 2nd Golden Key skills depend on using the 1st Golden Key; and furthermore, are rarely taught properly to have full effect. See website menu links above for further explanation of the 3 Golden Key skills.


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The Golden Keys

Messi shielding

The 3 skills Only the Greatest Players All Know & Use

The Golden Keys are the 3 Instinctive Skills the greatest players (e.g., Messi, Pele, Maradona, etc.) all use as the basis of their exceptional technical level of play. These Golden Keys dramatically improve all the other skills of The Game (dribbling, passing, shooting, tackling, goalkeeping, etc). These same skills are not in the curricula of any soccer courses anywhere else.

We Are All Born With These Instincts:

Individual techniques at that highest level of play are not a thought process. They are an instinctive response to the moment. The greatest players simply never lost touch with those instincts.

Learning how to let these same instincts express themselves in technique is what you will learn in our camps & clinics.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Full refund of paid training fee will be offered at the end of the first of the six camp sessions if not satisfied for any reason.

The Fall Soccer Camp Programs:

  • There are two 6-session programs, on Saturdays or Sundays, beginning September 30, 2023 (see menu links for details).

  • I will provide demonstrations of the power of these instinctive skills, using attendees as subjects.

  • I will then show drill sequences to apply these Golden Keys to the more conventional skills of The Game: e.g., dribbling, passing, shooting, tackling, etc..

  • We will then review videos of the camp session and other pictures and videos relative to these Golden Keys as they appear in the highest levels of play.

  • Finally, we will discuss how these Golden Keys are best applied to any and all techniques, concepts and drills the players may encounter with their respective teams and coaches.

The Golden Keys Explained:

Golden Key #1:

Anyone who’s played any sport for any length of time has had “perfect moments”: i.e., moments when you do something exactly right. Just like the Greatest Players do almost every touch.

In soccer, it could be a shot on goal, a pass to a teammate, a simple touch that leaves a defender completely beaten, a great “reflex” save by a goalkeeper.

Each of these “perfect moments” has one thing in common: even before you struck or touched the ball, you felt perfect balance, saw the flight of the ball to the target, and the ball did exactly what you “saw” it would do.

You weren’t imagining or "visualizing" all that, you were looking at all that. In other words, You Weren’t Looking At Just the Ball!

This the key to unlocking our sense of movement of our body relative to everything else around us. It is based on medical science, specifically the arrangement of the photosensitive cells in the eye, and is Golden Key #1 for unlocking how the GOATs play at that level. They "Never Look At Just the Ball”.

I have developed a simple demonstration of the power of this scientific fact. I take the "weakest foot" in any group of players, make it so they can’t look at just the ball, and they will then show perfect accuracy, touch and technique within 4 touches of the ball using that weakest foot!

Unless they already have perfect technique on almost every touch of the ball (ala Messi, Pele, Maradona, etc.), this same demonstration can be used with highly skilled players as well. The effect is the same, just more evident and easier to see with lesser skilled players.

Golden Keys #2 & #3:

These two skills are usually mentioned in various coaching curricula, but they are never emphasized enough, or trained properly.

FIrst of all, these skills both absolutely depend on Golden Key #1 (i.e., Never Look At Just the Ball) to be performed correctly to full effect.

You need to see them presented properly to truly understand them. Come learn from the Best Soccer Coach in Western NY.

It is for this reason that we offer a 100% full money-back guarantee at the end of the first clinic session.

  • Video: RDYSL U-10's v. Israeli Men's National Team Keeper

    The following video shows players on an RDYSL 3rd Division u-10 team I had been training for 6 months at this point in time. They are taking kicks from the penalty spot against a goalkeeper for the Israeli Men's National Team at half-time during that team's game against the Rhinos at Frontier Field, the same year the Rhino's won the US Open Cup (1999). That Israeli team beat the Rhinos 3:1.

    Note: the Israeli keeper is 6'3" tall, and is standing 4-5 feet into the field while these shots are taken. My players (the green and white uniforms) score 8 out of 12 shots taken. The Golden Keys affect all skills, including and especially shooting.

    We Can Play This Game!

    Soccer Training Offered 
  • Previous Clinic Players with Parent Comments:

    Following that video are pictures of prior clinic players with parent comments, and then the trophy plaque for 2nd place (Runner Up) in the Syracuse Premier Tournament, and the Heron's team with their 1st Place Plaques for Division 1 teams in the 2005 Irondequoit Spring Tournament, as referenced in My Background.


RDYSL U-10's v. Israeli Men's National Team Keeper

At-Your-Site Private Training

For clubs interested in scheduling private training for their coaches, players and/or parents at a site closer to their club location, please use the "Contact Us" menu link or the on-screen "Chat with us" button to explain your request.

We will respond asap, usually within 24-48 hours, to discuss various costs involved and documentation required.

The cost for the training time is 100% money-back guaranteed!

Lincoln brother shielding

U-6 Clinic

My boys, Anson and Lincoln, exhibited good improvement with eyes up, dribbling and passing.  They are also becoming much more aware of spacing and moving without the ball. They also have improved on touching the ball with instep and laces as opposed to the toe. I'm pleased with their progress thus far.

Bill R.

Levi brother

Size Doesn't Matter

Levi did well this summer on a U6 team. He had 7 goals so far and last game the other coach said he was the best dribbler he has ever seen. Although he isn't the fastest or strongest yet, he shielded the ball really well just like you taught him. 

Eric M.

Soccer Training Offered

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  • Heron_Team_-_1st_Place_Irondequoit_Tournament_2005

    Division 1 Champs

    This is a picture of the Herons Team (Pittsford Hawks Soccer Club), holding their First Place plaques for U-12 Division 1 teams at the 2005 Irondequoit Spring Tournament.

  • Premier League Trophy Plaque

    Syracuse Premier Tournament 2nd Place

    This is the pedestal for the 2nd place trophy. The trophy was huge, so I just kept the base ;-) AWL

  • History note:

    At that point in time, 8 of 32 players on the Junior Rhinos (our only local Premier Club at that time) u-12 teams were from this Herons team.

    The Golden Keys in action.

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