US Women's National Team (USWNT) Consultation

This is a copy of the handwritten postcard from Tony DiCicco, the USWNT Coach, asking permission to use documentation I had sent to him. They had just placed 3rd in the 2nd Women's World Cup (1995). I noticed no teams in that competition, including the USWNT, were using Shielding and Drawing the Foul effectively, and sent him documents relative to those skills.

Shielding is the 2nd of the Golden Key skills. Drawing the Foul is a subset of that 2nd Key skill. Those skills made a very big and noticeable difference in the USWNT style of play, easily seen in game films. Their winning record from that point of time is well documented.

The rest of the world's Women's teams have finally caught on to these 2nd Key skills, as seen in the 2021 Olympic games, and more recently in the 2023 World Cup games. As a consequence, the USWNT is facing much tougher competition now and into the future.

These 2nd Golden Key skills depend on using the 1st Golden Key; and furthermore, are rarely taught properly to have full effect. See website menu links above for further explanation of the 3 Golden Key skills.


  • The Following Video and Clinic Pics

    The following are a video and pictures of previous team and clinic players with parent comments.

    Following that are pictures of the trophy plaque for 2nd place (Runner Up) in the Syracuse Premier Tournament, and the Heron's team with their 1st Place Plaques for Division 1 teams in the 2005 Irondequoit Spring Tournament I referenced in My Background Page.

    Dr. A.W. (Fred) Lucas, Jr.

  • RDYSL U-10's v. Israeli Men's National Team Keeper

    That video shows players on an RDYSL 3rd Division U-10 team I had been training for 6 months at this point in time. They are taking kicks from the penalty spot against an Israeli Men's National Team goalkeeper at half-time during that team's game against the Rhinos at Frontier Field (year 1999), the same year the Rhino's won the US Open Cup. That Israeli team beat the Rhinos 3:1.

    Note: the Israeli keeper is 6'3" tall, and is standing 5-6 feet into the field while these shots are taken. My players (the green and white uniforms) scored 8 out of 12 shots taken.

    The Golden Keys affect all skills, including and especially shooting.