1. What are the "Golden Key Skills", and why are they so important?
  • They are the 3 skills Only the Greatest Players All Know and Use.
  • They are the true fundamentals of The Game.
  • They affect all of the other skills: e.g., dribbling, passing, shooting, tackling, goalkeeping, etc..
  • They are only taught in our Soccer Programs, 100% money-back guaranteed!
  • See above menu link for more detailed information.
2. Who can purchase & attend your soccer training sessions?
  • Anyone 4-18 years of age with completed On-Line Registration Form.
3. What if my child cannot attend one or more sessions during the scheduled days?
  • If they are in a Saturday program, they can attend a Sunday session to make up for the missed session. Same for Sunday programs. They can attend a Saturday session if needed.
  • If they cannot make a make-up day for a missed session, the material covered will be quickly reviewed in the next weekend sessions.
  • We might also have another player work with them on material missed, if needed.
4. We encourage "Family Soccer":
    • Playing with family and friends is how ALL of the Greatest Players Learned The Game!
    • Parents are encouraged to participate in the training programs for their registered child(ren) at No Extra Charge after completing our On-Line Adult Activity Waiver.
    • Everyone has the instincts for The Game when trained correctly, and those with no experience have an advangage - no bad habits.
    • This will be the best times you have ever spent with your kids,and they will like it too (even teenagers ;-)
          5. Are your training sessions encouraged for coaches as well as parents?
          • Yes, they are. That way the Coach knows how to use and encourage these techniques in his team players.
          • No Extra Charge after completing and signing an Adult Activity Waiver.
          • Coach must have one or more players registered and attending the same training session(s).
          • Learning and performance is optimized by having coaches, parents and players learn these Golden Key Skills together.
                  6. What is your refund policy?
                  • 100% money-back guarantee for any reason, granted any time up to the end of the first training session in any clinic or camp.
                   7. Where are Soccer Programs in Rochester held?
                  • See website menu link "Training Locations".
                  • We also offer the option of At-Your-Site Training anywhere in the Country (see menu links for further information).
                  • The Following Video and Clinic Pics

                    The following are a video and pictures of previous team and clinic players with parent comments.

                    Following that are pictures of the trophy plaque for 2nd place (Runner Up) in the Syracuse Premier Tournament, and the Heron's team with their 1st Place Plaques for Division 1 teams in the 2005 Irondequoit Spring Tournament I referenced in My Background Page.

                    Dr. A.W. (Fred) Lucas, Jr.

                  • RDYSL U-10's v. Israeli Men's National Team Keeper

                    That video shows players on an RDYSL 3rd Division U-10 team I had been training for 6 months at this point in time. They are taking kicks from the penalty spot against an Israeli Men's National Team goalkeeper at half-time during that team's game against the Rhinos at Frontier Field (year 1999), the same year the Rhino's won the US Open Cup. That Israeli team beat the Rhinos 3:1.

                    Note: the Israeli keeper is 6'3" tall, and is standing 5-6 feet into the field while these shots are taken. My players (the green and white uniforms) scored 8 out of 12 shots taken.

                    The Golden Keys affect all skills, including and especially shooting.