Golden Key #1:

Golden Key #1:

Anyone who’s played any sport for any length of time has had “perfect moments”: i.e., moments when you do something exactly right. Just like the GOATs do almost every touch.

In soccer, it could be a shot on goal, a pass to a teammate, a simple touch that leaves a defender completely beaten, a great “reflex” save by a goalkeeper.

Each of these “perfect moments” has one thing in common: even before you struck or touched the ball, you felt perfect balance, saw the flight of the ball to the target, and the ball did exactly what you “saw” it would do.

You weren’t imagining or "visualizing" all that, you were looking at all that. In other words,  You Weren’t Looking At Just the Ball!

This phenomenon is based on medical science, specifically the arrangement of the photosensitive cells in the eye. And it is Golden Key #1 for unlocking how the GOATs play at that level: they "Never Look At Just the Ball”?

I have developed a simple demonstration of the power of this scientific fact. I take the least skilled player in any group, make it so they can’t look at just the ball, and they will then show perfect technique within 4 touches of the ball!

Unless they already have perfect technique on almost every touch of the ball (ala Messi, Pele, Maradona, etc.), this same demonstration can be used with highly skilled players as well. The effect is the same, just more evident and easier to see with lesser skilled players.

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